Missouri Attorney General drops emergency order protecting children from irreversible ‘gender affirming’ surgeries

By Rick Manning

The question of whether our children will be protected from sick people who seek to redefine whether they are male or female using permanent, life-altering drugs and surgeries has become the hottest political issue in the nation.

Over the past few months, Missouri, state Attorney General Andrew Bailey imposed and then prematurely dropped an emergency order protecting children from those who would manipulate and prey upon them hiding behind a rainbow flag. Rather than pressing the legal fight, he shrank away from it.

It is mind-boggling that opposition to castrating boys and sterilizing girls has become controversial as a deadly combination of mass media, federal government controlled medical and education establishments working with woke corporations have run roughshod over common sense. Parental rights and the legitimate welfare of children have been cast aside in pursuit of something called “gender affirming care.”

According to Healthline.com, gender affirming care refers to, “any combination of social, legal, and medical measures that help people feel happy, healthy, and safe in their gender.”

Under this guise, children across the country are being subjected to permanent life-altering puberty blocking medication, mastectomies, hysterectomies and castration, many times without permission, or even notification, of their parents.

In the state of California, legislation is being pursued to remove children from the custody of parents who refuse to embrace this attack upon the sanity of their kids.

There can be no compromise with this issue.  It is a fundamental, objective truth based upon DNA versus a reality denying, opinion-based gender bending lie. A lie which empowers a corrupt system driven by a perverse desire for self-destruction to permanently damage hundreds of thousands of children across America. A lie which is evil at its core.

And incredibly, even in states like Missouri, which have a history of being at the forefront of fighting legal challenges on behalf of life issues and against the federal government’s unholy alliance with big tech companies to censor American free speech rights, the current state Attorney General blinked in the face of trans-rage.

Andrew Bailey became the Attorney General when his predecessor Eric Schmitt was elected to the U.S. Senate and the transgender attack on reality was one of his first big tests.

Early on, he wisely decided to enact an emergency declaration stopping gender affirming care in the state.  Unfortunately, when the politically correct backlash was unleashed, Bailey caved in and rescinded the declaration prior to the Governor’s signing of legislation covering the issue.

Rather than standing in the gap to protect the children of Missouri, Bailey decided to abandon the post before his shift was up allowing the media and national special interests and woke corporations to aim directly at the Governor in their attempt to force a veto of legislation that protects children from this abuse.

Fortunately, the special interests failed and the Governor signed the law, but they deserved more from Bailey.

This is all happening at a time when parent groups trying to protect their children from sexual abuse in the schools are being labelled and attacked as hate groups by the radical Southern Poverty Law Center and the Biden administration.

At a time when the Biden-led Justice Department combined to use their power to investigate and intimidate parents who dared to stand up to the trans lobby before schoolboards

At a time when the Roman Catholic Church and other religious institutions have been targeted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation for standing upon biblical principles.

And at this time, Attorney General Andrew Bailey decided to stop fighting before the job was finished.

The wolves did not stop circling the children, the shepherd just stopped trying to keep them at bay.

The wolves teeth are bared. They openly and brazenly attempt to manipulate children and the adults who are supposed to protect them to embrace the acceptance of the alphabet soup gender agenda providing their gender affirming care abuse to the vulnerable who fall into their trap.  At a time such as this, there is no room for timidity.

Yet, incredibly, Attorney General Andrew Bailey somehow decided to give up the fight, leaving children defenseless against a lawless, immoral mob bent on their destruction.

Fortunately, last week, the Governor of Missouri signed legislation to protect the children of the state from gender affirming care abuse. Now, it will be up to the same Attorney General to defend that law. The people of the ‘show me state’ better pray that he does so more vigorously than he defended the emergency order.   

We live in dangerous times.  Times when state Attorney Generals around the country are leading the way on issues that the left are using to redefine the soul of America. It is a time for vigorously leading and fighting for truth and freedom, not timidly succumbing.

Rick Manning is the President of Americans for Limited Government.

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