Manning on Victory News: Biden’s vaccine mandate is about intimidation

The intent of Biden’s vaccine mandate is simply to intimidate businesses into doing their dirty work for them. The actual OSHA rule hasn’t even been released. It’s all about intimidation.

Americans for Limited Government President Richard Manning was a guest on Flash Point, a prime-time news show on Victory TV, a Christian news network. Rick, who served as a political appointee in the George W. Bush administration, talked about the still-unpublished OSHA rule mandating the COVID vaccine for nearly 100 million American workers.

Host: Is this mandate even legal?

Rick: No. It’s not. The process that they’re going through right now is the emergency rule making process. OSHA department of Labor OSHA division comes up with a regulation, an emergency regulation.

They did submit that regulation to the Office of Management and Budget in the White House. And that’s where the, where the regulation is right now. The OMB reviews it makes changes as they as they see fit, send it back to the Department of Labor.  The challenge with that is that people are going question the constitutionality of it. Will it stand up to legal challenges?  Whether or not this is an emergency? Whether or not certain classes of people should be exempted from it, and whether or not it unfairly harms people harms businesses that have 100 or more?  And so there’ll be a lot of different challenges in court. Once again I don’t think it’s a legitimate constitutional action, but that’s the process.

Host: Why hasn’t it been signed what isn’t that something that usually happens quicker?

Rick: No, it’s hard to write a rule because you’re trying to write something that actually will stand up to law. The attorneys work really hard to try to create something that accomplishes the intent of the of the order, while falling within the guidelines that are given to OSHA. And that’s why the regulatory process generally takes about two years to get a regulation in place, because there’s a whole bunch of different safeguards in that system. What President Biden is attempting to do is cut all of the safeguards in the regulatory process.

Host: So, I thought this was already a requirement. How is it businesses are enforcing it already if it’s not an actual rule?

Rick: They want big business to do their dirty work for them. By having this this regulation out there it gives the ability for big business to be strong armed into enforcing the mandate, and which accomplishes their mission which is to try to get the maximum number of people vaccinated. Their intent is to have people be intimidated.

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