Is the Regime Blinking With The Trump Indictment?

By Bill Wilson

The indictment of former President Donald Trump on August 1 has been loudly cheered by the cadres of regime defenders and zealots.  From the propagandists at MSNBC and the other house organs of the Deep State to the celebrity-driven outlets of Hollywood and the various arms of the “Outrage Industry”, you can almost hear the collective breath being taken.  This obscene act has at its core the lashing out, the vicious act of a cornered animal, of an existential battle for survival.  The regime knows it is in trouble and attacking Trump is the best they can do to put up a defense.

Yes, the indictment came on the same day as America’s credit rating was downgraded.  This signal that the massive, unsustainable debt was killing the country was expected.  $32 trillion dollars in debt, adding more than a trillion a year for the foreseeable future is simply not something that can be ignored.  So, the regime covers it up, their house organs ignore or belittle it and we move on with yet another communist give-away.  But that is not the real reason for the indictments.

And, yes, Devon Archer has pulled the curtain fully back for all to see the repulsive corruption that is the Biden family.  There is no longer any question that poor Hunter was the bagman for an influence peddling operation that knew no limits.  Seeing just how rancid the Biden family is almost explains Hunter’s addiction to drugs and illicit sex and other perversions.  He is desperate to escape the hold of his father, if even for a few minutes.  Hiding or delaying the public judgement of this crime family is aided by the indictments.  But, that is not the real reason for the insane and ridiculous indictments.

The real reason for the wave of attacks on Trump and more broadly the MAGA movement was revealed by no less an authority than the CIA Newsletter (a.k.a. the Washington Post) in a lead editorial today.  Entitled “How to Safeguard NATO from Mr. Trump” the tome begs Congress to enact some fig leaf legislation to block any future President from withdrawing from the One-World, globalist military block. 

This says it all.

First, it tells us that the regime – and the outright control of the Post by the Deep State is obvious and well known – believes that Donald Trump could in fact be elected in 2024.  Indictments or no, the MAGA movement is energized and enraged by the actions of the illegitimate Biden cabal.  Trump seems to have gotten his footing and is downplaying the ego trip a bit in favor of reaching out to the mass of the American people who have been abused and hurt by the “establishment” from the Bushes on thru to the current sock-puppet.  They cannot depend on another set of ballot stuffing exercises or the dysfunctional Post Office to carry the day.

Second, the Post exposes what the regime really values, what they are most worried about.  Gone are the sickening platitudes about “democracy” or the near-silly claims about defending the Constitution.  Given how the regime has gutted the protections of the Constitution, how they ignore all provisions of the founding document at will to benefit their designs, how they spit on the founders are every opportunity.  Clearly, like their spiritual father Woodrow Wilson, they hate the Constitution and only use it to fool and manipulate the mob. 

What they really care about is their globalist, One-World project.  And that, whether in the guise of so-called “climate change” or NATO or world public health is only about one thing – power.  Power over the People to extract as much wealth as they can.  Power to dictate every more.  Power for power’s sake.  The fact that the Post would expose this so openly tells all of us that it is the real reason for the assaults on Trump and MAGA, it tells us that they are a bit worried, almost desperate.  And it tells us that all pretense is now tossed aside.  Either they don’t fear being exposed any more or they believe they have no choice.

And, the most important thing it reveals is the truly fragile nature of their revolting plot.  If the election of Donald Trump so threatens their designs, if the election of one man who has had the scales drop from his eyes and enabled him to see the vile, mutated structure that has evolved since the end of World War II can literally threaten their existence, then patriots and the rational peoples all over the world have far more ability to counter the poison than anyone might have thought.

By indicting Donald Trump and openly exposing their real fears, the regime is blinking.  It is, in the parlance of the poker players, a very big “tell.”  They are telling us all that they are not confident of their standing.  Now is the time to push back hard.      

Bill Wilson is the former president of Americans for Limited Government.

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