READ IT FOR YOURSELF! Evidence of election failures being posted online

Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips, the principals behind the True the Vote organization that works tirelessly to make sure elections are open and fair across America – including by having provided the raw data for the sensational Dinesh D’Souza film “2000 Mules” – have been jailed, attacked by the IRS, vilified by those loyal to the Deep State and more for their efforts. But they remain focused on making sure Americans know truly fair elections are a matter of freedom or oppression.

“This is not a game or a drill. This is real life, real liberty, and the cornerstone of all we are as a republic. The more that we move away from an election that brings Americans together to have a conversation about the direction of our country, the more that we risk losing the very thing that makes this nation special,” they warn online.

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The solutions they’ve identified aren’t always simple: Changing election codes, calling for election integrity. They bluntly warn, “It is not enough to be involved only on Election Day.”

After then-IRS official Lois Lerner used the tax code to attack the organization under the reign of Barack Obama, the IRS found itself on the receiving end of multiple rebukes from federal judges.

One came when U.S. District Judge Reggie Walton declared regarding their case, “discrimination on the basis of political viewpoint in administering the United States tax code violates fundamental First Amendment rights.”

Now Engelbrecht and Phillips have launched in order to post as much material as possible online regarding elections, integrity, court fights and relevant evidence.

Its impact already is evident. They had been sued by the election software company Konnech.

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That company, which is suspected of having ties to the Chinese Communist Party, sued them for defamation.

Engelbrecht and Phillips then posted online at Open.Ink/Konnech all of the information available regarding the case.

And Konnech dropped its legal action the next day.

True the Vote explained, in a statement, “Konnech’s litigation was meritless and intended to harass this organization. They have failed. We are evaluating our options with regard to holding them accountable for their unwarranted actions. We believe Konnech dismissed its lawsuit because it saw that it would lose.”

It was in that case that the two spent a week in jail when they refused to reveal their source for their information about Konnech’s operations.

U.S. District Judge Kenneth Hoyt, who had demanded the conservative nonprofit group disclose sources of the information central to the case regarding sensitive poll worker data managed by Konnech Inc., shortly later was removed.

The organization had found a comment posted online by Konnech, for example, that boasted, “We hope to take advantage of the spring breeze of political reform and provide you with election consulting services and election management in line with China’s national conditions based on our democratic election activities with Chinese characteristics.”

There were, and remain, serious allegations that during the 2020 presidential election, outside influences were at work to determine an outcome that may or may not have aligned with voters’ actual wishes.

Even back in 2016, it was Democrats and the Deep State in Washington, D.C., who colluded, using their own Russian sources, to fabricate the now-debunked claims of “Russia collusion” against President Donald Trump.

Then in 2020, Mark Zuckerberg handed out some $400 million, through foundations, to local election officials who most often used it to recruit voters in heavily Democrat districts.

Even more significant was the impact of a scheme involving both social and legacy media to suppress, at the instruction of the FBI, accurate reporting about the Biden family’s international business schemes revealed on a laptop Hunter Biden abandoned at a repair shop.

A subsequent Media Research Center poll showed had that accurate information been reported routinely by the media, Joe Biden almost certainly would have lost the election.

At the time the Konnech details were posted, True the Vote said, “Today we bring you a complete and accurate account of how we discovered Konnech, a company that provides elections systems software to many of the largest counties in our country; its incontrovertible creation of open-door systems that send massive amounts of confidential election data and information to China; and its leadership’s work with, and loyalty to, the Chinese Communist Party.”

The Konnech case itself was complicated when Eugene Yu, the CEO, was arrested on allegations he was “storing critical information” about American election workers “on servers in China.”

The case later was dropped, but was left open for refiling should prosecutors choose.

True the Vote, a nonprofit, also contributed significant data documenting ballot trafficking, which was featured in the film “2000 Mules.”

A whistleblower, Grant Bradley, a former Konnech employee, also confirmed in a court filing that the company’s “developers, designers and coders are all Chinese nationals based out of Wuhan, China.”

And what of that IRS case against True the Vote and others?

WND reported on the IRS’s issuance of a formal apology and $3.5 million settlement with a coalition of conservative organizations.

True the Vote has previously called for a five-step plan to clean up American elections:

  • A forensic audit of the election processes
  • Developing an American voter ID program
  • Evaluating election technologies
  • Identifying dynamic voter registration verification processes
  • Developing model legislation

Importantly, the organization also says it hopes to be a repository for all January 6, 2021, Capitol protest data and video.

Open.Ink explains its plan is to provide access to records, research papers, articles and more: “Our dedicated ink team meticulously acquires and curates data, documents, videos, and audio files centered around events and individuals of historical importance. These collections offer an in-depth and unique view of history that you won’t find anywhere else.”

The organization accepts tips about key documentation and information at an email, Grace@Open.Ink.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To their horror, America’s ruling elites failed to knock out Donald Trump during his four years as president via the fabricated Trump-Russia collusion scandal – conceived and funded by the Hillary Clinton campaign, as the Durham report proves – or through two circus-like impeachment trials. Later came “January 6,” a demonstration-turned-riot by Trump supporters who passionately believed, with good reason, that the recent election – and therefore their country – had just been stolen from them. Members of Congress now want to constitutionally bar Trump from again seeking public office for having instigated “an armed insurrection” (no protester was armed) against America.

Then in March, Trump was indicted in New York on 34 counts of falsifying business records, and in June, still more indictments were filed against Trump – 37 federal criminal charges related to his handling of classified documents. Honest legal experts not in league with the Biden administration openly classify these indictments as somewhere between frivolous and idiotic, not to mention grotesquely politically motivated.

The Deep State’s never-ending persecution of Donald Trump, as well as the incredible back story of the totalitarian agenda Trump’s persecutors are attempting to implement in America and why Trump represents a mortal threat to their nefarious designs – is the focus of the blockbuster July issue of WND’s critically acclaimed monthly Whistleblower magazine, titled “THE PERSECUTION OF DONALD TRUMP: Why the ruling elites loathe – and fear – the 45th president.”

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