One country has killed 'millions,' but Biden is 'not interested,' says expert

China expert and Gatestone Institute advisory-board member Gordon Chang is condemning Joe Biden for his failure to fulfill the most basic duty of an American president: protect Americans.

“Biden’s failure to confront China, whether on coronavirus or fentanyl deaths, means he is derelict in discharging his most fundamental constitutional duty: protecting the American people from foreign attack,” he wrote in a piece published at the institute’s website.

“Biden does not care about either coronavirus or fentanyl deaths. He is allowing a foreign power to murder Americans with no penalty whatsoever.”

Chang, author of “The Coming Collapse of China,” cited Biden’s actions when he “smirked and walked away” from a reporter wanting to know why he has not asked Beijing “to do more to be transparent on the origins” of COVID-19.

“China’s coronavirus has now killed more than 806,400 Americans, according to the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center. China lied about the contagiousness of COVID-19 and then, while locking down China, pressured other countries to take arrivals from its soil without restrictions or quarantines. The spread of the disease outside the People’s Republic, therefore, was the inevitable result of Chinese policies. In other words, China’s leaders have now deliberately killed more than 5.3 million people outside their country,” he explained.

But Biden failed to raise those concerns during his telephone calls or “virtual meeting” with Chinese chief Xi Jinping, he said.

He said while Biden apparently understands China is a “bad actor” on COVID-19, insisting the world “deserves answers,” still he is “not interested in getting to the bottom of the matter.”

“Why? There are Chinese business links with Biden’s family and with members of his administration and doubtless he wants to accommodate campaign donors wishing to do business in China, but most fundamentally the President, despite everything, speaks as if he has never let go of his decades-old benign view of the nature of Chinese communism,” Chang explained.

Biden, in fact, took his son Hunter along with him on Air Force Two when he was vice president several years ago and traveled to China, and shortly after Hunter Biden was revealed to be involved in a multi-million dollar deal with Chinese interests. Evidence has since surfaced suggesting that Joe Biden was in line for a percentage of some of Hunter Biden’s deals.

Chang said Joe Biden apparently sees China as a “competitor,” but China is setting itself up as much more.

“China … no longer accepts American sovereignty — or the sovereignty of any other society. In his speech on July 1, marking the centennial of China’s ruling organization, Xi Jinping promised in a much-publicized phrase to ‘crack skulls and spill blood,’ but in more chilling words he said this: ‘The Communist Party of China and the Chinese people, with their bravery and tenacity, solemnly proclaim to the world that the Chinese people are not only good at taking down the old world but also good at building a new one,’” Chang explained.

That’s a reprise of the attitude of the Chinese imperial-era system “in which emperors believed they not only had the Mandate of Heaven to rule tianxia — all under Heaven — but they were also compelled by Heaven to do so,” Chang explained.

While Biden apparently considers China another influential world stage player, “he has a hard time comprehending the ruthlessness of the Chinese regime or the comprehensive nature of its assault on the international system. The Communist Party, among other things, is breaking apart its neighbors, proliferating the world’s most dangerous weapons, supporting terrorists, and stealing hundreds of billions of dollars of intellectual property a year.”

“What Biden fails to understand is that Chinese communism is in a fight to the finish with the U.S. — whether the U.S. thinks so or not,” Chang wrote.

He cited COVID-19, which, he said, whether released intentionally or not has taught the People’s Liberation Army how it could unleash the “ultimate genocide.”

“The next disease from China could be a civilization-killer. China’s military is working on the next generation of pathogens, a new kind of biological warfare of ‘specific ethnic genetic attacks.’ In other words, Chinese researchers are developing viruses, microbes, and germs that leave China’s people immune but kill everyone else,” he warned.

While the world “urgently needs to deter Xi Jinping from spreading the next disease,” Chang warned, “Biden’s failure so far to hold Xi accountable has given the Chinese a big green light to launch attacks that could kill Americans in unprecedented numbers.”

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This article was originally published by the WND News Center.

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