Franklin Graham: 'Our enemies are laughing at us'

Franklin Graham, the chief of the worldwide Christian ministry Samaritan’s Purse, is warning the decisions by President Biden that allowed the takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban terrorists means death for many innocent people.

On his public social-media page, Graham called the developments in Afghanistan, where Biden’s orders to remove American military members resulted in a swift collapse of the government and the Taliban takeover, “tragic.”

But it’s worse than that, he said.

“The Taliban who took over the country are Islamic extremists who have no mercy and no respect for human life,” he explains. “This ill-thought-out decision of the Biden/Harris administration means a death sentence for many freedom-loving Afghans. Today we saw some try to cling to a departing aircraft, only to fall to their deaths in a desperate attempt to escape what they know the Islamist Taliban brings. Tens of thousands of Afghans who worked for America as translators and in other jobs are left as targets for these butchers because there was little thought given to a plan to get them out safely.

“The Taliban considers women sub-human, and they have a reputation for killing women who have been educated. Mothers who teach their daughters to read and write are executed by these brutal Islamic extremists. Every woman who has received an education in the last 20 years is now at risk. And think of the prospects ahead for Christians and other minorities in the country,” he warned.

He said the blame is clear, too.

“President Biden tried to defend his Afghanistan policy, but there is no way to defend this catastrophe. The more than $2 trillion spent; the 2,448 American lives lost; the 20,000+ American military wounded; and the promises made by both Democrat and Republican administrations that we would stay the course until they had freedom and democracy—all for nothing,” he said.

“The blood of this nation will be on the hands of the Biden/Harris administration. And on top of these tragedies—how can any country in the world trust America now? Our enemies are laughing at us. May God have mercy on the United States of America.

“Do you miss President Trump yet? I do.”

A report in the Hill pointed out that Biden did confess that the terror takeover “did unfold more quickly than we’d anticipated.”

And the report noted those trying to flee have turned “desperate,” with civilians flooding airport runways in their desire to escape.

“Photos and videos show people surrounding planes, with dozens of them clinging to a U.S. C-17 transport aircraft or running beside it as it tried to take off. In another video, several Afghans were seen falling off the plane as it left the runway,” the report said.

It pointed out that U.S. Embassy personnel fled, “leaving unguarded a building that cost the United States nearly $800 million.”

The terror reign already has begun, too, with Taliban going “door to door looking for any men who served in the Afghan special forces or helped the U.S. military.”

Further, the Hill reported, Afghan women and girls now are at huge risk of “losing their freedoms.”

“From 1996 to 2001, when the Taliban controlled the country and ruled with an extreme interpretation of Islamic law, women and girls were prohibited from attending school, working or leaving their homes unless accompanied by a man. Women were also prohibited from driving and required to cover most of their body, including their face. Those who broke the rules were sometimes subjected to humiliation and public beatings,” the report said.

Making thing worse, the report warned, “China and Russia appear ready to move in, signaling an openness to working with the Taliban.” It said Biden’s disaster gives terror organizations like al-Qaida and ISIS an open door to re-assemble and strengthen.

Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said, “Every terrorist around the world is cheering in Syria, in Yemen, in Africa. They’ve watched the Taliban … defeat America in effect.”

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