‘Equivalent of saying 2+2=0’: Lawmaker warns trans thinking threatens democracy

A longtime lawmaker is warning that the transgender ideologies being pushed onto society these days are a threat to the freedoms provided by democracy.

Graham Stringer, who is the Labour member of Parliament for Blackley and Broughton wrote a commentary for the Daily Telegraph that charged such verbiage used in the campaign is shutting down legitimate political debate.

He cited a recent report from the Institute of Economic Affairs, “in which political transgenderism had been denounced as ‘an ideological assault’ against liberal democracy,” according to a report from the Christian Institute in the United Kingdom.

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“Asked for my view on the transgender question at a recent meeting of my local Labour Party, the answer I gave was simple: any definition of sex has to be based on biology. A female has two X chromosomes, and a male has one X and one Y chromosome, which I had assumed was merely a straightforward fact. But the response from one Labour member was that I was a brave man,” he explained.

Today, he said, “Stating a scientific truth can be so controversial as to lead to your cancellation.”

He said transgender ideology supporters have created a “cancel culture.” That, he said, is “where opponents are denied a platform and attempts are made to deny them their livelihood.”

Stringer, a lawmaker since 1977, said the belief system promotes “anti-scientific views.”

“My colleague, the Labour MP Dawn Butler, stated on TV that ‘a child is born without sex.’ This is the equivalent of saying 2+2=0. Every cell in a baby’s body carries the definition of its sex,” he explained.

Then there are those who simply ignore biology.

Those are men who claim to be women and compromise “safe spaces for women,” the report said.

“People who don’t think that biological males should be allowed in these ‘safe’ spaces are regularly labelled transphobes and Terfs,” he charged.

The belief system that denies biology right now “has polluted our politics and democracy enough, he said.

Stringer warned common sense is required.

“If Eddie Izzard wishes to be known as a woman, that’s a choice that should be respected. But it doesn’t change the fact that, biologically, Izzard remains a male,” he said. “Ignoring biological facts leads to the hideous placing of male rapists in women’s prisons. This is an extreme example of the broader attack on women’s right to have safe spaces.”

He then put the fight over terminology in perspective: “I will leave the last words to Lewis Carroll: ”When I use a word,’ Humpty Dumpty said in a rather scornful tone, ‘it means just what I choose it to mean – neither more nor less.” What is often missed from this dialogue with Alice is Humpty Dumpty’s final sentiment that what matters is who is to become the master. Carroll understood that, if words can mean anything, debate becomes meaningless. The transgender ideologues imagine that in pursuing this course, they will end up in authority. The rest of us need to ensure that we don’t end up through the looking glass.”

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