‘Deeply cruel’: Abortionist drives over pro-lifer’s leg, then performs abortions

A Christian missionary and advocate for the unborn was hospitalized last week after he was run over – twice – by the abortionist whose lethal work he is praying will end, according to pro-life news sources.

The pro-life group Live Action reported Monday: “Mark Zimmerman, a pro-life counselor in Saginaw Township, Michigan, regularly prays outside the Women’s Center of Saginaw. Last week, however, he was run over twice by none other than the abortionist himself: Theodore Roummel.”

Friends of Zimmerman said Roummel, who is 88, then got out of his car and “laughed at Mark as he lay injured on the ground.” Roummel then went inside to perform five abortions, according to Zimmerman.

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Zimmerman told Live Action: “I was standing in the driveway and the abortionist ran over my leg [using his vehicle] … And then he had to reverse to get off my leg, so he ran me over twice.”

“He parked his car and came over when the police came, and was screaming at the police about how we always run in front of him – we don’t,” Zimmerman continued in the Live Action interview. “But I have four witnesses who saw what happened. So they gave a statement to police, and he was not arrested. He went about and finished his day by doing five abortions.”

Zimmerman’s friends created a donation page on the Christian fundraising site GiveSendGo, showing Zimmerman lying in a hospital bed with his left leg in a large cast. By press time it had raised $1,840 toward its goal of $40,000.

‘Viciously targeted and intentionally hit’

The GiveSendGo page states: “After years of faithfully praying and advocating outside an abortion clinic in Saginaw, MI, our pro-life brother, Mark Zimmerman, was viciously targeted and intentionally hit by an abortionist driving his vehicle on the morning of Friday, June 23, 2023….Mark suffered a broken leg from the attack and will have to have surgery to repair the fracture. At this time, we are raising funds to help with the medical bills for Mark and possible attorney fees as he considers legal action against the abortionist.”

It continues: “What is deeply cruel and callous about this situation, according to witnesses, is that the abortionist got out of his vehicle after the attack and laughed at Mark as he lay injured on the ground. This particular abortionist has a repeated history of making threatening comments, pulling into the driveway at reckless speeds in order to intimidate people, and swerving toward people who are standing on the public easement, the curb, or the edge of the clinic driveway behind a designated line (where people are legally permitted to stand).”

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WND called the Saginaw Township Police Department to find out if Roummel, who performs abortions at Women’s Center of Saginaw, has been charged with a crime. The call was not returned by press time.

A spokesman for the Saginaw Township P.D. told a Christian Post reporter Wednesday that the incident is “still under investigation” and the department “does not have any information to release at this time.”

WND also contacted the Women’s Center of Saginaw, where the incident allegedly occurred. When asked about the reported assault, a woman said, “We have no more information, sir, sorry.”

The alleged vehicular assault on Zimmerman is part of a growing pattern of pro-abortion violence since the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision overturning Roe vs. Wade, as chronicled by various pro-life sites.

As WND reported Tuesday, after reports of an Orlando, Florida church set on fire on the one-year anniversary of Dobbs, “a leftist campaign of violence has been unleashed under the name ‘Jane’s Revenge’ – designed to punish and terrorize pro-life churches and counseling centers that seek to help women choose life for their unborn baby rather than murder through abortion.”

The pro-life news site LifeNews has “counted more than 300 attacks [on pro-lifers and pro-life institutions] since 2022, including 10 arson/attempted arsons, assaults, death threats and vandalism,” as it states in its article on Zimmerman.

‘It’s open season, and we know where your operations are’

Pleads with parents ‘not to murder their image bearers of God in the womb’

On his missionary information page, Zimmerman gives as his “mission field” “Women’s Health Center” in Saginaw, Michigan, along with its address.

He writes: “I have a quote I heard one time that I live by…’You can’t change minds without changing hearts with the gospel.’ I find that to be true. I am human and can do nothing without the Holy Spirit and word of God,” he writes. “My whole calling at the abortion clinic is two-fold: 1) To preach Christ and Him crucified; and 2) to plead with parents not to murder their image bearers of God in the womb.”

Following Jesus Christ’s admonition to “love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you (Matthew 5:43-45), Zimmerman’s GiveSendGo page urges people to pray for “the abortionist and all clinic staff to come to repentance and turn to Jesus Christ.”

Here are other prayer requests listed on the page:

  • For Mark and his family as he recovers, heals, and is off of work.
  • For the continued strength, courage, and faithfulness of our pro-life brothers and sisters as we peacefully witness and offer help to the women, staff, and abortionists who come to the clinics.
  • For many babies to be saved from abortion and children to be valued as a blessing and not a burden.
  • For justice to prevail and for this abortionist to be held accountable for his violent assault.

A YouTube video from a decade ago shows Christian pro-life witnesses calling out to Roumell as he was walking into a different abortion clinic:

IMPORTANT NOTE: It’s hard to believe it’s really happening, but it is. Male athletes pretend to be females, dominate their sports, and are thereby rapidly destroying women’s competitive sports worldwide. Convicted male criminals suddenly claim to be transgender so they can be confined in a women’s prison and sexually abuse the female inmates there. Men claiming to be female likewise invade women’s locker rooms, bathrooms, schools, dormitories, sororities, shelters, spas and social organizations – and in the process steal women’s scholarships, advancement, honors and myriad other opportunities.

Meanwhile, transgender groomers and recruiters in schools and on social media platforms like TikTok are continually feeding and expanding the current “mass hysteria” craze that has already led countless teen girls to take testosterone and undergo double mastectomies in a pathetic effort to become boys. No wonder the CDC reports 3 in 5 teen girls say they feel “persistently sad or hopeless” and almost 1 in 3 say they have seriously considered committing suicide.

All of this on top of the radical left’s renewed obsession with killing women’s unborn babies via abortion.

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