It Is Time For A National Boycott Of Fox News

If we don’t get to have Tucker Carlson, they don’t get to have a network.  That is the message that we need to send to Fox News.  A few hours ago, I participated in the taping of a panel discussion about the firing of Tucker Carlson for a television show.  Former Fox News contributor Brigitte Gabriel was also on the panel, and she boldly declared that it is time for a national boycott of Fox News.  I couldn’t agree more.  Tucker Carlson was the only reason why many of us ever watched Fox News.  Like so many others, Tucker could have chosen to play it safe so that he could have continued to rake in millions of dollars, but instead he consciously made a decision to relentlessly tell the truth no matter the consequences.  By unceremoniously dumping Tucker like a smelly bag of garbage, executives at Fox News have not only shown great contempt for a national hero, but they have also shown great contempt for all of us who watched him.  Unless Fox News offers Tucker his job back and issues a truly groveling apology to the viewers, we should steadfastly refuse to ever watch the channel again.

Fox News put out a statement that said that the company and Tucker mutually agreed to part ways, but that was just a bunch of horse manure.

At this point, everyone knows that Tucker was ruthlessly fired

Tucker Carlson was fired from Fox News by Lachlan Murdoch after a furious reaction from executives of his scathing criticism of them following the 2020 election, it has been claimed. The decision to fire Carlson come straight from Fox Corp. Chairman Rupert Murdoch, with input from board members and other company executives, according to several other media outlets. The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) has alsoreported the experienced Carlson – who had been with the network for 13 years after stints at CNN, PBS and MSNBC – was called by CEO Suzanne Scott on Monday morning to say he was being dismissed.

He was told the decision was made “from above” and had been made on Friday night by executive chairman and CEO of Fox Corp. Lachlan Murdoch.

The US newspaper claimed executives were furious at the “disparaging and derogatory remarks” Carlson had made about his colleagues.

Sadly, Tucker had no idea that this was coming.

In fact, it is being reported that he was actually “in the midst of negotiating a new contract with Fox News”

“Blindsided” Tucker Carlson was in the midst of negotiating a new contract with Fox News when he received a call from CEO Suzanne Scott on Monday morning telling him he had been fired from the right-wing network, according to a report.

We are also being told that Tucker’s staff was completely “blindsided” as well…

Even some of Carlson’s closest staff were unaware that his show had been axed, reading about it for the first time on Twitter.

‘No one I know was told about it beforehand. We were blindsided,’ one senior staffer who works closely with Tucker’s show, Tucker Carlson Tonight, told

Another insider revealed he still has no idea why he was let go so suddenly, and that many staffers are now questioning whether it’s part of a wider plan by the Murdoch family to sell the media behemoth.

When news first broke that he had been let go, many on the left greatly celebrated.

Meanwhile, prominent conservatives all over the country were absolutely horrified.  Here are just a few examples…

Judge Andrew Napolitano:“I mean, this is like the 1927 Yankees firing Babe Ruth because of his table matters. I don’t get it.”

Glenn Beck: “You know, could be that he was fired because of, you know, they just paid out, you know, almost a billion dollars and they don’t want any chance of anything, but that’s suicidal.”

Steve Bannon: “No one should watch Fox. Just take the clicker and cut it off. They hate you. They disrespect you.”

WND Managing Editor David Kupelian: “A longtime Fox insider who spoke on condition of anonymity told me – and I can’t repeat his very colorful language – that this decision by Fox management was, let’s just say, staggeringly, mind-numbingly dumb.”

If executives at Fox News are absolutely determined to destroy the company, this is a great way to do it.

I honestly don’t see a path forward for them.

Right now, people are canceling their Fox Nation subscriptions at a staggering pace, and Fox Corporation stock lost nearly a billion dollars in market value on Monday…

Fox Corporation stock fell as much as 5% on Monday and erased $962 million in market value after it was announced that Fox News Media had parted ways with its host Tucker Carlson.

Class A shares of the media company recovered slightly and were trading at $32.65, down almost 3% at 1:32 p.m. ET.

Of course it is very doubtful that Fox News and Tucker Carlson would have been able to co-exist much longer anyway.

Over time, Tucker came to realize that the purpose of the big media companies is to control the general population, and that caused him to have great contempt for the industry that he was working in.

And in the last speech that he gave before he was fired, Tucker showed that he fully understands that what we are witnessing is far larger than a battle of Republicans vs. Democrats.

As Tucker clearly explained, what is taking place in the United States right now is literally a struggle between good and evil

“Good is characterized by order, calmness, tranquility, peace, lack of conflict, and cleanliness,” said Carlson Saturday at the 50th anniversary of the Heritage Foundation. “Evil is characterized by the opposites: violence, hate, disorder, division, disorganization, and filth.”

“If you are all-in on the things that produce the latter basket of outcomes, what you’re really advocating for is evil.”

Sadly, he is quite right.

If we stay on the path that we are currently on, there is no future for America.

Unfortunately, getting fired was Tucker’s reward for relentlessly telling the truth.

Many are speculating about what he will do next, and I am sure that he will be successful at whatever that is.

As for Fox News, they have gone way too far this time, and millions of us will never watch them again.

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