Latest Posts This is a clip from the full Reason Livestream with former police auditor Walter Katz, which you can watch here: Reason's YouTube channel: Reason Hunter ADMITS it's his laptop, China holds an American hostage, Blocking SPR sales to China & Getting Newsmax back on the air. --- All Behind the Scenes and Things you may not know about me and my Ministry TikTok has taken another step to try to ease lawmakers' concerns about its ties to China. Its new transparency center lets visitors see how March for Life and Walk for Life Summary and all this Weeks Fast Paced Pro-Life NEWS! Don't miss this! Weeks after Tesla slashed prices on a number of its models, Ford Motors dropped the price of its electric Mustang Mach-E. WSJ auto reporter ForbesWomen editor Maggie McGrath speaks to Senior Contributor Kim Elsesser about a study that shows egg-freezing benefits at work may be perceived as more Julian Assange maintains technology, not government policy, is the only check on authoritarian tendencies. #technology #government