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Joe Biden admits that his eviction moratorium is unconstitutional, but hey, what the hell? Plus, Biden attacks Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who absolutely clocks

The U.S. Constitution is the Apollo program of governance. So, what went wrong? The Constitution has no flaws in it, but it does have

From covid to California, the team breaks down China's continued coverup.  Our guests are: Natalie Winters, Dr. Peter Navarro, Tom Del Beccaro, Willis @treekiller35 Stay ahead

Rep. Matt Rosendale (R-MT) highlights the double-standard of the Biden Administration’s border policy of finding ‘any

Bob Frantz guest hosts for Dennis… For the first time, Bob finds himself rooting against the US athletes at the Olympics — if those

The infrastructure bill imposes massive transportation penalties on Americans, and Mike Lindell's event is planning on showing all the evidence.  Our guests are: Dave Ramaswamy,

Why do so many public health authorities seem to be ignoring the fact that 120 million+ Americans have better immunity after Covid-19 infection than

Sara is spending much-needed time with her family after another physically and emotionally exhausting week on the U.S. - Mexico border. But as