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Trevor Loudon, researcher extraordinaire about communist infiltration in the U.S., explains why Biden was the most dangerous U.S. senator. Our guests are: Frank Gaffney, Pam

“Everybody’s talking about it,” he said. “They’re outraged by what happened and they want to get it out.” Our guests are: Frank Gaffney, Pam Pryor,

Bill Whittle is shocked to learn that a recent survey of Democrats' top 12 fears does not include man-made climate change. It got edged

Explaining economics to liberals.

A psychopath is released from prison in Oklahoma and murders three people… House Democrats have passed a law that makes biological sex a moot

I dive into the strange case of the antipsychotic Risperdal, prescribed to many children for autism, ADD and other disorders; and the alleged link

Joe Collins, who ran against Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) in the 2020 election, is suing her for

Democrats pass the Equality Act in the House; and Rand Paul grills a Biden nominee about whether the government can overrule parents seeking to