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Democrats are burning our country down and the Republicans are doing nothing to stop it. Time to revive the spirit of Independence Day 1976.

Democrat leadership hate trump but love the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) ignoring their crimes while focusing on hoaxes directed towards damaging Trump.

Mainstream media is ignoring Biden’s corruption and mental decline and propping him up against Trump.

Doctor Fauci has been wrong a lot lately, on masks, travel bans, etc. Is he wrong about the COVID surge?

The worst day of the year for the left is Independence Day but they’ll find a way to celebrate.

Democrats reject the Republican Tim Scott police reform bill in fear it will make Republicans look good this close to the 2020 election.

Politicians are working defunding the police in Minneapolis allowing the mob to talk total control.

The mob are the democrats and controlled by the Democrats, and if they’re silent they are truly violent.