Joe Dan Gorman – The End is Near, Again

“You won’t think it’s funny when you’re dead!”

Hey guys,

Man, this Coronavirus Sampler Platter of Socialism has been more devastating that the virus itself. The only positive—and it really IS a positive—it’s been profoundly EYE-OPENING to many delusional youth.

On the other hand—it’s financially devastated millions of folks…and empowered a lot of Democrats.

I ain’t worried about me— It hurts me to see our brothers and sisters suffer…cuz I remember being hungry.

So I ain’t gonna lie– this was the toughest episode I’ve ever done. Can’t WAIT til this Death Plague Crap is over.

But things are about to be awesome. God ain’t done smiling on us.

Hope you like the new show.  Please share if you approve.  And if you do—please consider donating.  Of course, if you’re too broke to donate—no worries, we’re probably cousins, but sharing is just as important.

Thank you guys for your support.

I love you guys.

God bless

Joe Dan Gorman

This post first appeared on Intellectual Froglegs.

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